It was to this typical small village in the rural interior of his native island that Napoleon went on holiday as a child. Village of his ancestors, he built his summer residence, U Palazzu, there at the end of the 18th century. Located on the main road of the island halfway between Ajaccio and Corte, the town of Bocognano still presents significant aspects of the traditional way of life of this territory.

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Napoleonic places

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The Bocognanese kinship explains the ancient relationship between Bonaparte and the town, sheltering a strong touristic potential characterized by its natural and cultural heritage. The many fun walks and signposted circuits will lead you to the discovery of the most picturesque places in the surrounding villages.

You will be able to see the Waterfall of the Bridal Veil, 70m high and one of the most impressive on the island, or U Mulinu di l'Orsu, located on the banks of the Gravona, today one of the last mills in activity, whose production can be tasted during the Fiera di a Castagna (the Chestnut Fair).

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