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Loano in Napoleon's footsteps

Not so many people know that Loano has been the site of an important battle, improperly said “Napoleonic”, in fact the name of Loano is engraved on the Arch of Triumph in Paris at the top of the list of the great French battles in Italy.

The battle of Loano, between the French Revolutionary Armies led by General Andrea Massena and the Austrian Imperial Arms took place in November 1795.

This victory in Italian territory will open the way to what will be the first “Campaign of Italy” conducted five months later by another general, Napoleone Bonaparte.

A very important victory because it opened a new, unexpected and conclusive passage toward Austria, the first enemy of France. In Paris, the dream of defeating the principal enemy of the Revolution became a concrete possibility.

Bonaparte's blazing career that will culminate in his great empire placed “in the background” what happened to Loano in November 1795 but without Loano's victory, the first Campaign of Italy” would not have taken place.

The tracks on the ground 200 years later

Even today, traces of the battle can be found on the surrounding hills and mountains such as the the platforms of the guns, the trences, and a lot of signs that reveal the presence of military camps.

The quantity of archaeological finds is incredible! This phenomenon has been possible thanks to the few changes that the hinterland has suffered, unlike the coastal areas.

Loano for tourists

Half way between Genoa and France, Loano is the ideal place for a summer or winter holiday thanks to its mild climate.

The city offers to the tourists modern hotels, beaches and a wonderful sea promenade rich in palms, gardens and fountains.

The marina is one of the largest in Liguria and it is a point of reference for people who like sailing, motorboating, diving, surfing and a precious base for fascinating nautical itineraries.

Loano is also a town where you can find many sports facilities: a multipurpose sport hall with swimming pool, one indoor and one outdoor (Olympic), tennis courts, football stadium, bowling ground, and a sailing school.

Loano, thanks to its gentle and healthy climate, offers the pleasure of bathing during the whole year and the marine habitat is safegarded by means of an artificial barrier,which favours the repopulation of the marine flora and fauna.

Loano gastronomic

The pleasures of a holiday include a good cuisine which in Loano can be enjoyed at the table of many restaurants and hotels. Simple dishes with an original taste such as the "Trenette al Pesto" a special kind of “flat spaghetti” served with the typical basil sauce, the "Pansotti" fresh pasta stuffed with erbs and ricotta cheese, the famous "Torta Pasqualina" and a variety of stuffed vegetables baked in the oven.

There are also a lot of restaurants where it is possible to eat a rich variety of local fish and a lot of restaurants which serve pizza.

Among the sweets, it is worth to try the "Biscette" - biscuits shaped like the letter S - , the tasty "Baci di Loano” and "The fisherman's Bread".