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Province Alessandria

The Province of Alessandria

In Piedmont, just an hour's drive from Milan, Turin and Genoa, not far from the borders with France and Switzerland and between the Alps and the Mediterranean, is the Province of Alessandria, which represents one of the cultural, artistic and economic centers of Piedmont. It's an area to travel through slowly and carefully, where you'll find that the welcome is matched by the beauty of the countryside. Mountains, rivers and hills make you want stop to appreciate them fully along with the stories of people and places and a way of life which reaches back through tradition, art, food, wine and the spa waters. Spring and summer are the best times to appreciate the joy of the countryside and different sports and activities in the open air. Autumn and winter, however, are the periods best appreciated by the gourmets who can try, not only exquisite wines, but also the wonderful harvest of the woods like truffles, mushrooms, chestnuts and nuts.

The Myth of Marengo

The reason why the victory of Marengo is so important is because of Bonaparte's critical situation during the spring in 1800. A defeat would surely have had a negative impact on his political career by opening scenarios difficult to evaluate. His victory, the more striking because unexpected, consolidated his power and enriched his aura of indomitable and fortuned warrior.

On this basis he was able to build his system of power, breaking down every obstacle between him and the crown of Emperor. For these reasons, we can say that Marengo was primary for Napoleon and for the future of Europe. The victory was really hanging by a thread and unexpectedly passed from hand to hand. In hindsight, the causes of the Austrians defeat were many, but the same reasons could have explained the possible defeat of France. However, Bonaparte's Italian campaign was a masterpiece of strategy, since the invention of an army deliberately called "reserve army" to mislead the enemy, the choice of the Gran San Bernardo as the access point to Italy, or the wise management of the mythical aspects that grew up after Marengo.


Museum Marengo

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