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Local Steering Committee Spain: INTUR 2015 in Valladolid (Spain)

This report sumarizes the various activities that our spanish coordinator Inigo Ubillo Bilbaos made during his visit to INTUR (International Fair on Inland Tourism) in Valladolid (Spain).

The first meeting he had was with representatives from RENFE, the Spanish National Railway Company (Ms Mar Fernández Vinas, Mr Mariano Santiso, Mr José Manuel Santos and Mr Javier Rodríguez). They discussed about the possibility to sign an agreement between RENFE and the Federation in order to obtain benefits and discounts for visitors to the city members. Each city member proposes their events through the Federation and RENFE gives a special code for them with tickets with a discount. That could be a very interesting partnership. RENFE is also the representative in Spain of the Portuguese Railway Company (Comboios de Portugal), so they are able to negotiate with the Comboios de Portugal to extend an agreement to Portugal too.

Mr. Bilbao also met with two Councillors from Ciudad Rodrigo (the Culture,Tourism and Heritage Councillor: Ms Azahara Martin and the New Technologies Councillor Ms Alejandra Méndez). They are very interested in becoming members of the Federation. The possibility of sharing a stand in FITUR 2016 was discussed.

During the INTUR there was also an event called "1st Business Forum on Innovation and Tourism Technologies". Mr. Bilbao attended this Forum hearing a conference about funds for innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism. One of the speakers was Juanma Revuelta. He is the General Director of Finnovaregio in Brussels. This is a Foundation of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce and they work in many European projects with different countries. After the conference some of the participants of the Forum had lunch together. Other speakers were: from Segittur (Mr Carlos Romero), from Red.es (Ms Yolanda Echarte) and from the Castilla and León Regional Government (Mr Alejandro Galán). Segittur is also an interesting partner for European projects because they drive innovation in the tourism sector. www.segittur.es

Mr. Bilbao had a very interesting meeting with the Spanish Napoleonic Association. (Mr Carlos Salvador, President, Mr Secundino Pereira, Vice-President and other members). This association coordinates reenactors groups from all Spain. www.asocne.com

Another meeting had been with Mr J. Ignacio Moratinos from "El Empecinado" Cultural Association. He is the descendant of this famous historical character and this association organizes events about him. www.circuloelempecinado.wordpress.com

Mr. Bilbao met with representatives from Cadiz (Mr Adrián Pérez Herrera) and Granada, Laredo (Cantabria) and with Antonio Belo from TCP/ARPT the centre of Portugal (www.visitcentro.com). They asked to receive more information about Destination Napoleon and the Federation.