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210 Years of the Battles of Jena and Auerstedt

October 14th, 1806: Around Jena and Auerstedt about
110000 Prussians and Saxons as well as 100000
French under the leadership of their emperor Napoleon
are eyeball to eyeball. For hours and hours the battles
are raging, more than 30000 soldiers lose their lives or
die as a result of their wounds. At the end of the day the
Prussians lose on both battlefields, Napoleon victoriously
turns to Berlin and for the coming years not only the german
countries, but all Europe is restructured according
to his will until Napoleon at last in the Battle of Nations
in Leipzig in 1813 and finally in 1815 in Waterloo is
defeated by his opponents and banished.

Join us again for a gripping travel through time to the
year 1806 for the 210th annual of the Battles of
Jena and Auerstedt
. Experience attacks of the cavalry,
gunsmoke and the thunder of cannons, as hundreds
of reenactors from all over the world display
the Battle of Jena and visit us in our historic bivouacs
in Vierzehnheiligen.

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