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The treasures of Napoleon

Napoléon Bonaparte remains an undeniably powerful and enigmatic figure of world history. Beginning November 21, 2010, visitors to the Missouri History Museum will have the rare opportunity to look into the private life of the Emperor of France through an exhibition that showcases some of his most personal possessions and the possessions of those closest to him. Treasures of NAPOLÉON presents a wealth of historic artifacts, world-class artwork and unrivaled decorative arts together with a compelling story line that only Napoléon could invoke. Created from the extraordinary collection of First Empire authority and Napoléon expert, Pierre-Jean Chalençon, Treasures of NAPOLÉON exhibits not only the personal belongings of Napoléon but also some of the most famous depictions of the Emperor painted by some of the greatest artists of the time. The exhibition-featuring historic objects in the exhibit are rarely seen outside the walls of the most distinguished and celebrated museums and palaces of Europe-provides unprecedented insights into the heart and mind of this complex and remarkable man. It allows viewers to see beyond
the "legend" of Napoléon Bonaparte and reveals Napoléon the person. The exhibition tour organized by Exhibits Development Group in cooperation with Cultural Arts Entertainment Group.

(PLEASE NOTE: Exhibition dates are subject to change. Confirm dates prior to your museum visit.) Missouri History Museum at Lindell and DeBaliviere in Forest Park,(5700 Lindell Boulevard)

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