Fédération Européenne des Cités Napoléonienne

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The Founding Text

The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities is a non-profit making organization (subject to the provisions of a French law dated July 1901). It endeavours to unite European cities whose history was influenced by Napoleon. Its activities usually revolve around the three following main lines:
  • promoting exchanges on Napoleonic history by setting up meetings, seminars and publications in association with universities, cultural institutions and history organizations.
  • supporting and promoting actions to preserve and restore Napoleonic heritage (objects, works of art, furniture, monuments, sites...)
  • developing and running activities, valorising the past through exhibitions, arts events, discovery tours, especially in regard to tourist, school or university exchanges.

The Federation stems from the towns' will to put their Napoleonic historical heritage back to its European dimension. The cross-reading of particularly important and contrasted pages of the European countries' history is a major contribution to the culture shared by their peoples.

It is a heritage of capital value, which has always interested a great majority of European countries. It is thus crucial that this patrimony takes the place it deserves in regard to history but also to its influence upon the contemporary geopolitical context and the development of the "European idea"

The Federation's scheme revolves around three main themes:

  1. Preserving, sharing, enhancing and safeguarding the European common cultural heritage linked to the Napoleonic myth and the influence of the Napoleonic era upon contemporary Europe.
  2. Making the public aware, enhancing cultural diversity and promoting mutual knowledge of history, cultural values, roots and heritage shared by the peoples of Europe.
  3. Developing research, teaching and spreading knowledge.