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After Pultusk ...

EDITORIAL by Charles NAPOLEON, President of the Federation

After la Roche s/Yon, Ajaccio, Waterloo and Jena, our Federation held its annual meeting on the 5,6 and 7 October 2007 in Pultusk.Our federation has been very active and I'd like to thank all the people who contributed to its development.

The federation is still young- it's only three years old- and we are at the stage where we are learning to work together and where we are elaborating our tools and launching our first projects. A coordination meeting is held by phone each month in order to maintain a constant relation between us.

We'd like our work to be efficient and to propose promptly visible and concrete actions to our fellow citizens, but we also need to set up solid basis in order to encourage a future harmonious development. Those who have an experience in transnational projects know that this first stage is long.

I'd like to remind briefly to our new adherents that the federation was created on the 3d of December in 2004 in Ajaccio. The General Assembly was held in Waterloo in 2005 and in Iena in 2006.

We are happy to be welcomed today in the town of Pultusk that commemorates at the same time Napoleon's arrival at the town two centuries ago.

On behalf of the federation, I'd like to thank M. Wojciech Debsski, the mayor of Pultusk, and Krzysztof Ostrowski, the deputy mayor and the director of the School of Human Sciences in Pultusk who have organized this meeting.



Our priority was fixed during the previous General Assembly in Iena, on the 14th of October, 2006, and it consists in organizing the federation on the basis of three solid pivots- French, Italian and German. The regional Italian and German Vice-Presidents - the mayors of Cairo Montenotte and Iena- played particularly active roles in 2007 in establishment of the federation in their respective countries. I visited Cairo on the 3d of March and, yesterday, the 3d of October, I went to Iena in order to meet Italian and German communes that were united for the occasion.

I'd like to thank especially Anja Schwind from Iena and Franco Icardi from Cairo Montenotte. I'd like to thank Danielle Bernardini, who is responsible for secretarial work together with Clotilde Virgile and in relation with Jean-Yves Clément from la Roche sur Yon in France.

I wish a new center to be created here, in Poland, around the town of Pultusk in 2007-2008 in order to expand our Federation towards other towns of Poland and Eastern European countries. As far as you know, the Tsar Alexander the 1 made an undeniable impression on Napoleon before he implemented a strategy that sounded the death knell for the Empire and before he played an important role in the organization of Europe after the Assembly in Vienna.

In the end of October I am going to a conference on the Spanish War held in Saragossa, in Spain, the mayor of which showed much interest in the federation. We've got in touch with Portugal and the town of Alexandria in Egypt. We have a lot of very important projects in prospect.


We have launched our multilingual Internet site (French, English, Italian, German) www.napoleoncities.eu , which will be a support for the network. We have to continue its development by adding information on the towns.

But first of all, I wish the site to be constantly completed by the announcements on different historical, cultural, commercial events linked to the Napoleonic period in all our towns.

I also suggest that we reserve a special budget in 2007-2008 for this mission which is aimed at making our site the central reference for Europe as far as Napoleon is concerned.


We have worked a lot this year in order to be admitted to the European project Culture 2007. It's very important for us to obtain a special cultural label that will allow us to develop and to promote some cultural events and to valorize our common heritage.

It's also crucial for our association to benefit from a European label.

In order to participate in the project Culture 2007, two-year financial engagements were done by the communes-candidates for the project. I'd like to thank them on behalf of the association.

We've done everything to succeed. We'll be informed about the result at the end of the year.


The first stage of our tourist project consists in giving a pass to the citizens of our towns enabling them to have discount tickets. The pass should be improved and widely used.

We wish the year to come to be dedicated to a special effort concerning the promotion of Napoleonic tourism in our towns. The current economic situation characterized by the appearance of new tourists, coming for example from Asia, represents an exceptional opportunity for the association.

I suggest to unite tourist offices of our towns in order to develop the visits of the towns guided by its citizens and in order to organize tours together with the professionals of tourism.

In order to succeed, particular attention should be paid by a town to the tourism section of the activities of the federation


Finally, next year, we are going to strengthen the links between the federation and private partners. It's a possibility for us to get new financial resources and to attach the image of the association to innovative and strong companies.

I ask you, dear members of the association, to approve this progress report and to adopt these proposals for future actions.

Pultusk, the 7 October 2007

The President of the FECN, Charles NAPOLEON