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Destination Napoleon at the ITB Berlin 2018 - the world's leading travel trade show

It was a great schow! The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities and its Cultural Route Destination Napoleon were present at the ITB Berlin at the Culture Lounge! Destination Napoleon as a new European Cultural Route promotes cultural tourism focusing on the heritage of the Napoleonic period.

Target groups are at first the citizens of Europe interested in travelling along history and to discover the cultural variety of Europe. Boundless are the opportunities to profit from the growing markets for cultural tourism in the US, Japan and China. Moreover, Destination Napoleon is an interesting topic for companies that seek to promote their name and/or product on the European Market and who will profit from linking their name to the well-known name "Napoleon", the second most researched item on google. Destination Napoleon shall also be noticed by international journalists that are reporting about the European heritage, culture, tourism and discussing the impact of history on our modern times. Furthermore, the topic "myth Napoleon" is interesting for researchers and universities around the world. The Federation is already partner to two renowned universities in Corsica and Italy. And last but not least, Destination Napoleon attracts experts and representatives from Museums and exhibition makers that want to tell a story of Napoleon. The ITB in Berlin is the meeting point for all these target groups!

We made many new contacts with tour operators, journalists, companies offering digital solutions, historians, travel agents... and so many people with interest in Napoleon and our great idea of following history on Napoleons footsteps throughout Europe.

In cooperation with the European Institute of Cultural Routes we presented our Destination Napoleon on two conferences which focused on the transnational tourism projects of our network.

European Cultural Routes originate from the idea of discovering our European Heritage by travelling along the historical important sites of our continent. By travelling one is widening horizons and connecting with people, their culture, their regards on history and its effects on modern times.

Destination Napoleon offers a heritage of capital value, which has always interested a great majority of European countries. To present this offer on the leading international tourism trade show is one of the promotional opportunities that de European Federation of Napoleonic Cities offers to its members in 2018.