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Napoleon in Jena - an innovative project of the city of Jena, the Planetarium of Jena and the Federation

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The city of Jena, the Planetarium of Jena and the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities cooperate in the production of a new edutainement program based on full dome technology.

This show - a very emotional mix of historical facts and high technology effects - will present the local history of Napoleons battle of Jena and Auerstedt. But beyond that it explains the history of Europe at his time to enable the audience to get an understanding of political systems and the impact of Napoleons deeds in Europe.

By combining local history and modern technology the city of Jena uses its every potential to showcase its heritage. At the same time the city of Jena creates a Point of Interest for visitors interested in Napoleon in the city center from where the visitor may then start to follow on Napoleons footsteps to the battlefield outside the city.

Furthermore, this project is a model for many other member cities of the Federation since there are more cities with Planetariums or Cinemas (adapted version of the show) in Europe: this show will become a touring show. The Federation already works with different member cities on the renovation of buildings to transform them into local centers of animation.

The project in Jena results from the wide experience of its historical Planetarium with shows to attract the interest of the public for special knowledge. The Zeiss Planetarium Jena opened its doors to the public on 18 July 1926. The longest-running planetarium in the world always invests in the latest technical innovations from Jena.

The new POWERDOME - VELVET projection system from Carl Zeiss offers the highest contrast in the world that a digital projector can deliver today. Over 8 projectors a brilliant video image is projected into the planetarium dome. The computer system "POWERDOME" allows a coupling of the "classic" star projection with the digital content and opens up new display possibilities. With the so called "Domtower" – a mobile Planetarium – the shows can travel around the world.

As this new media format will attract especially the young generation this project answers perfectly to the values of the ECR program.