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After defeating the Piedmontese and Austrians, the Italian army advances into Lombardy and besieges Mantova, but Austria sends two new armies to try to unblock the city. Bonaparte, having withdrawn to Verona, decided to make an effort against the latter by launching his attack on November 15 in front of the Arcole Bridge. Waving a flag, Bonaparte took command of the grenadiers. The city of Mantova fell on February 2, 1797 after a siege of several months

Mantova, today


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The visitor arriving in Mantova is struck by its timeless charm and the unique and welcoming atmosphere that one can breathe. The panorama offered by the city from the shores of its lakes is breathtaking. The city seems as if suspended on the water, in the heart of an almost surreal landscape, rich in history, art and nature.

Mantova deserves that we take the time to visit it. Squares, alleys and cobblestones invite the visitor to unhurriedly admire every monument and historic palace of this city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the nearby town of Sabbioneta.

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