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The city of Montpellier is marked by its links with the Napoleonic history. Like his father, Charles Bonaparte who, suffering from a stomach ulcer, came to Montpellier in 1784 to be treated by the prestigious College of Medicine, or Jean-Jacques de Cambacérès, right-hand man of the Emperor and son of a mayor of Montpellier, without forgetting Albine de Montholon, from the high society of Montpellier, who accompanied the Emperor in exile to St-Helena, sharing his intimacy for 4 years.

Montpellier, today


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Napoleonic places

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Montpellier and its Metropolis maintain the memory of the Napoleonic era. Take a look at the commemorative plaque in honor of Charles Bonaparte by visiting the Rockstore! Many places still bear the trace of Cambacérès, such as the Chabaneau Square, the house of Aniane in which was founded the “Société des Amis de la Constitution de Montpellier”

or the street Jacques Coeur, the church of the White Penitents, seat of the eponymous brotherhood, of which Cambacérès was the prior. In the Metropolis, in Baillargues, you can admire along the old imperial road, a 94 m long mural fresco realized by Claire Aton in 2018 and commemorating the Napoleonic Epic.

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