Napoleone 2021 - Viaggio nel tempo, Marciana, Elba Island, Italy


The year 2021 will mark the bicentenary of Napoleon's death and the whole island will remember him through initiatives that will take place throughout most of the year.

A meeting between the past and the present.

Entitled "NAPOLEONE 2021 - Viaggio nel Tempo" (Napoleon 2021 - Journey through Time), the events of the Municipality of Marciana will take place between May and October 2021 in the mountain villages of Marciana and Poggio and the coastal villages of Procchio and Pomonte.

"NAPOLEONE 2021 - Viaggio nel Tempo" is inspired by the innovative and revolutionary spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte, based on the principle of going back in time in order to have a broader vision of the future. The exploration of the territory will take place through open-air initiatives, in the streets and squares of villages, on the paths and places visited by Napoleon I.

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Programme (extract)

Exhibition by Luigi Ontani, from 10 June to 31 October

Place: Marciana Archaeological Museum

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Contemporary art at the Archaeological Museum of Marciana with the work of Luigi Ontani, painter, sculptor and photographer. An eclectic artist of worldwide renown, whose presence celebrates his love for the island, his homage to the myth of Napoleon and his intimate link with the heritage of the Etruscans, to which the museum is a witness.

Under the artistic direction of architect Paolo Ferruzzi.

Exhibition of images by Nano Campeggi, from mid-June 2021. 

Napoleonic places in the municipality of Marciana

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Credit: Folgoso/Sestini

From Procchio to Pomonte, follow the people dear to Napoleon I in the symbolic places of his exile.

Artistic itinerary created by the artist Silvano Campeggi, known as "Nano", painter and important poster artist of the American cinema. The reproductions of the original drawings will be exhibited in the Napoleonic sites par excellence: the Paolina islet, the Napoleon fountain, Marciana, Madonna del Monte and Pomonte, where the artist Nano Campeggi lived for many years and where his studio is still located.

Exhibition Imperatore a piccolo punto (The Emperor's tapestries), from 26 June to 31 October 2021

Location: Piazza della Gogna, Marciana



Exhibition of tapestries with a Napoleonic theme by Caterina Farina Cavina. Born at the end of the nineteenth century, she recounted for fifty years the life of the emperor, exiled on the island of Elba like her husband, the deputy Giulio Cavina, because of his disagreement with Benito Mussolini. 

Under the artistic direction of architect Paolo Ferruzzi.

Napoleonic itineraries "Sulle tracce dell'Imperatore , May to October 2021

Location: in the open air, in the Napoleonic sites of the municipality of Marciana

Two historical-environmental itineraries with cycles of guided excursions to Napoleonic sites from May to October: 

  • from Marciana, to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte, in Serraventosa with a view of Corsica;
  • of Marciana, at the Sanctuary of San Cerbone, at the Spring of Napoleon in Poggio where Napoleon went to drink the water, considering it healthy.

Story telling, July to September 2021

Location: Casetta Drouot, Poggio

July, August: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. September: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 pm.

Street performance, from June to September 2021.

Three moments of Napoleonic history in Marciana represented in a street show that offers a journey back in time through the streets of the village.

Documentary "L'esilio dell'aquila" by Stefano Muti, 20 and 29 July 2021

Location: Marciana then Pomonte

Cycle of events by the Associazione Culturale Procchio Napoleonica, July 2021

Location: Procchio, Marciana

Theatre play "L'Elba di Napoleone

Venue: Amphitheatre of Parco Attrezzato, Procchio, Marciana

16 July 2021. A historical but also ironic evening by the "Compagnia de i tappezzieri" to enjoy the moments of Napoleon's exile and his entourage on Elba. In the company of Napoleon, Governor Drouot, Countess Maria Walewska, Pauline Bonaparte and others 

Lecture series 

Location: Piazzetta "dei delfini", Procchio, Marciana

  • 2 July 2021. Lecture by Isabella Zolfino, "Le riforme portate all'Elba da Napoleone circa le norme di igiene pubblica (Napoleon's public health reforms on Elba)
  • 11 July 2021Presentation of the book by Gloria Peria, La produzione del vino nel periodo napoleonico (Wine production during the Napoleonic period). The evening will be hosted by Gemma Messori, Director of the Associated Management of the Historical Archives of the Municipalities of Elba.l
    • 24 July 2021. Barbara Blin, creator of the project "l'isola delle Rose dei Venti" (the island of the wind roses), will talk with Patrizia Lupi, editor of the magazine "Enjoy Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago", about the theme of the winds, with curiosities and photos.
    • 30 July 2021. Presentation of the book Historia minor by Ferruzzi Silvestre, which traces the history of Elba with anecdotes and popular curiosities found over the years. The evening will be hosted by Angela Giretti, professor at the Istituto Comprensivo di Campo nell'Elba.



Procchio Napoleonica 

22-28 August 2021

Location: Procchio

A series of Napoleonic events in Procchio, including the traditional historical procession, the re-enactment of a 19th century French military camp, a gala dinner with re-enactors, a 19th century menu and many other cultural initiatives.

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This event has been approved by the scientific committee of the European Federation of Napoleonic Cities as part of the commemoration of the 2021 bicentenary.

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