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The creation of Napoléonville and Napoléon-Vendée (La Roche-sur-Yon) was the result of a pacifying and civilizing intent of Napoleon, who thus envisaged giving Pontivy great importance in central Brittany. The strategic and central position of Pontivy in Brittany inspired Napoleon this idea: “Two new cities are emerging in a land desolate once by civil wars, and too long foreign to our commerce, to our arts and to our customs.”

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Cultivating its urban vocation in an essentially rural region, Pontivy remains a place of exchange and encounter for all of Brittany. Established in a valley, at the junction of the Blavet canal and the Nantes-Brest canal, the city presents a pronounced relief, alternating hills, valleys and plateaus.

Watered by numerous rivers, half divided between natural spaces and an exceptional architectural heritage, its territory offers a successful synthesis of nature and city. At the heart of Breton rurality, Pontivy embodies a certain idea of Brittany, proud of its culture, open to Europe and the world, sharing and inclusive.

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Photographic exhibition - Pontivy, France

Du 1er au 9 mai 2021 – Pontivy, France. Exposition photographique : Pontivy / Napoléonville ; La Roche-sur-Yon / Napoléon-Vendée …

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