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The island of Capraia is situated about 64 km from Livorno, 31 km from Corsica and 42 km from the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled for the first time. But a first link can already be established between Napoleon and the island of stones by a person admired by the young Bonaparte, Pasquale Paoli, who conquered it in 1767, until Corsica was sold to France, and Capraia returned to Genoa.

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Napoleonic places

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After the Congress of Vienna, Capraia became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. With the unification of Italy in 1873, a third of the island was used as an agricultural penal colony and became part of the province of Genoa until 1925. Because of its eventful history, the island is today a wild paradise for hikers who wish to 

You can also admire the Corsican mountains not far away, or discover churches, Fransiscan monasteries, Genoese towers or unspoilt nature. There are many places of historical, cultural and natural interest that are worth visiting in spring when the wild flowers bloom in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

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