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The Château de Compiègne is today considered to be a historical landmark which, alongside Versailles and Fontainebleau, is one of the three most important royal and imperial residences in France. Built by Louis XV and Louis XVI and then refurbished under Napoleon I and Napoleon III, the castle represents the unique setting of an important page in French history tracing the life of the court and the exercise of power.

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The castle of Compiègne can thus be called "the castle of the two emperors", Napoleon I then Napoleon III. The first launched major interior works to restore what had been dispersed following the Revolution, thus creating the most complete apartments of the First Empire in France. Finally, Napoleon III appreciated both the castle and the Second Empire

It is a place where personalities close to the government, sovereigns or foreign princes, diplomats, writers, artists and scientists can meet in the near intimacy of the imperial family. The Emperor also had the Galerie Neuve, known as the Galerie Natoire, built to provide direct access to the Imperial Theatre, which he had built on the other side of the rue d'Ulm.

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