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Loano was the scene of an important battle, mistakenly called "Napoleonic" because it was fought between the French revolutionary armies led by General Massena and the Austrian imperial armies in 1795 and paved the way for the first "Italian Campaign" led five months later by another general, Napoleone Bonaparte. It opened a conclusive passage to Austria, the first enemy of France and the Revolution.

Loano, today


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Loano is the ideal place for vacations, offering tourists modern hotels, beaches and a beautiful sea promenade rich in palm trees, gardens and fountains. The marina is one of the largest in Liguria and is a point of reference for lovers of sailing, motorboating, diving, surfing and a valuable base for fascinating nautical itineraries.

Loano est aussi une ville où vous pouvez trouver de nombreuses installations sportives et un climat doux et sain, permettant les baignades toute l'année dans  un habitat marin sauvegardé. Les plaisirs des vacances comprennent aussi une bonne cuisine qui se déguste à la table de nombreux restaurants et hôtels.

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